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NEW - "Secret" Assignment - Assign S

Things I do not like in my country/ my culture....

Deadline 26th Feb




A) Individual assignment

Essay with

i) description of the main characteristics of your culture/country and what differentiates it from other cultures and countries;

ii) advices you would give to a foreign friend about to visit your country and work there.

Due 11-02-2014    Length: up to 1000 words


B) Individual assignment

“Critical incidents” and situations of cultural shock may arise when a person is confronted with a different culture/country or with persons from another culture with different values and behaviour.

Could you specifically describe an example of such a situation/incident/story in which you were involved or of which you have learned and explain the reasons for the differences/difficulties?

Due 18-02-2014    Length: up to 1000 words


C) Individual assignment

Report on your first impressions of Portugal/Lisbon. Please send up to 2 photos (separate files) you deem interesting.

Due from 27 to 31 - 03-2014               Length: up to 1000 words 

D) Group assignment with PP presentation in class

Choose one from:

D1 Discussion of Huntington’s “The Clash of Civilizations"

D2 “Is there an European Identity?”

D3 Role Playing : Germany vs Italy

D4 Role Playing : US vs Japan

D5 Country Profiles Egypt

D6 Country Profiles Brazil

D7 Country Profiles India

D8 Country Profiles China

D9 Presentation about each culture as seen by native students (based on reports A)

D10 First impressions of Portugal ( based on Reports C)

For the country profile you should give some information about the country (short overview about history, political system, geography, economy), about the culture (using the cultural dimensions you have studied) and give advice on how best to negotiate in that country.

You can define yourselves as consultants to a company that is considering a direct investment in the country.

Plan to take about 20 to 30 minutes for the presentation and 15 minutes for discussion.

PP files with slides for presentation are due:

D1 and D2: April, 3

D3 to D10: April, 24

Either you write comments about each slide in the PP file or you send them in a Word file.

Each member of the group should send a message reporting about the groupwork and the evaluation of all team members.

If you wish, you may send a file with the final report, incorporating corrections and improvements from the discussion in class, until one week after your oral presentation.

You should document all the sources used in your work. Plagiarism is a serious offense.

One-nationality teams are not accepted

All reports are to be sent by e-mail to


All files and e-mail messages MUST ALWAYS be identified in a clear way.


Name of file and subject of e-mail message must conform to the following:

For the individual essays:  

Your name (First name, family name), and the title of the Essay

Examples:  Ilse Schmidt Assign A Germany.doc   or  

Magdalena Gwizdz Assign C First impressions.doc

For the group assign.:     D number title, like: D2 Euroidentity.ppt,

The essay or report should itself be clearly identified - before the contents, please write your name, date, and other relevant information.

For assignment C, send the photos as separate files (not within the word document) with names as above. Example: Ilse Schmidt photo1.jpg, or similar.

Any other assignment you send must always be named like "Danuta Gorniak XXX", where XXX is the subject or name of the assignment.

Assignments that do not conform to the above guidelines will not be accepted.

Please note that I cannot accept any answers in the mail message - pls always send a Word file in attachment.

Assignments sent past the deadline will be marked as Late. No assignments will be accepted one week past their deadline.




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